Did you know that tree trimming is an important part of a tree’s growth? When you prune your trees, you reduce the possibility that bacteria or fungi will damage your tree. However, some tree trimming Winston Salem NC companies actually only perform tree topping, shaping, and rounding. This is not the same as true pruning. Modern Tree Surgery can help!

How Our Tree Trimming Winston Salem NC Company is Different

Although some tree trimming companies focus on shaping your trees, we always put the health of the tree first. Quality pruning ensures that dead limbs do not pose a threat to the tree or your family. In addition, our tree trimming encourages new growth. So, we can actually help you extend the life of your trees.

Of course, the look of your trees matters too! However, the beauty of perfect shaped trees doesn’t matter if the tree dies. With the right pruning, your trees can be beautiful and healthy.

To start, our highly-trained staff will note potential problems posing risks to your trees. Then, we’ll take the tree’s natural growth into account before we begin to prune. Next, before trimming, we also look at the overall characteristics of your yard, including sunlight needs for other plants. We care about the big picture and the long-term results of the tree trimming.

Three Ways Modern Tree Surgery Can Help You

If you want a tree trimming Winston Salem NC company that doesn’t cut corners, look no further. We have been in business for 50 years, and every member of our staff is highly trained to help you in three ways:

  • First, we can help you with major problems and emergencies. We can quickly assess damage and expedite negotiations with insurance companies. As a result, you’ll find the process of dealing with storm damage less stressful.
  • Second, call us if you have overgrowth or other major tree concerns. We can tackle even the scariest-looking trees. Because we have decades of tree trimming experience, we know how to deal with decay in the safest way possible.
  • Finally, Modern Tree Surgery can help you maintain your healthy trees. After all, the best-case scenario is to keep your trees pruned and in good condition to avoid future problems.

Our professional tree consultants can help, even if you are in panic mode about a major tree issue. Simply call 366-331-5480 to speak with an expert about our tree trimming services in the Winston-Salem area.