With so many tree care options out there, how can you choose the best? To pick a tree service Winston Salem NC company, you’ll need to look at several factors, including experience, price, and reviews. Here at Modern Tree Surgery, we are confident that we are the best option for any tree service job. This 5-star review on Google from Bill (one of our clients) says it best:

“Professional, responsive, hard-working crew with the equipment to get any job done safely. James Gaddy and his team always give you great value for their work.”

Simply put, no one in the Piedmont Triad region understands trees better than our experts. Here’s how we can help your home or business by caring for your trees.

Pruning Tree Service Winston Salem NC

Pruning is by far one of the most important tree care services you can schedule for your trees. By removing dead and damaged limbs, we can prolong the life of your trees. Additionally, proper pruning removes safety hazards. Keep in mind that pruning also reduces risks to your home and property.

Although some companies call what they do pruning, shaping your trees is not the same as pruning. Services such as topping, crown reduction, and rounding over can actually damage your tree. Without proper pruning, your tree could be more susceptible to damage and disease. We provide a tree service Winston Salem NC residents and business owners can trust. Yes, you want your trees to look nice. But it is equally important for your trees to be healthy.

Tree Removal Services

Of course, while it is never fun to say goodbye to an old friend, sometimes there is no choice. As you know, trees that are dead or dying can put your personal safety at risk. In addition, a dead or dying tree can fall onto your home, business, car, or other property. We have been removing trees for over 50 years. So, we are prepared to help you with any tree removal situation.

Our tree removal services start with a consultation. We’ll take into account where the tree is located, the damage to the tree, its size, and more. Modern Tree Surgery experts will cut the tree to minimize impact during tree removal. Afterward, we’ll also help you dispose of the stump. We can dig up the stump or use chemicals to promote decomposition. In both cases, we’ll walk you through the process and you can make a decision.

Also, we can assist with hazardous tree removal. If you have a tree threatening potential property damage or electrical hazard to your home, call us. In these cases, we’ll look at the landscape, environmental impact and hazards. Then, we’ll create a plan for safely removing the tree. Whether the tree has storm damage or is just old, we can handle the removal.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Furthermore, if you have a tree that has sustained some storm damage, but is not yet in danger of falling, we can help. Our tree cabling and bracing services redistribute weight and provide support to tree branches. As a result, this significantly increases the tree’s lifespan so that it can remain in place for years to come.

Modern Tree Surgery cabling can help your tree survive through snow and ice storms, high winds, wet foliage, and more. After assessing the tree’s structure and any present damage, we’ll recommend the best cabling solution. We can help young and mature trees alike. Additionally, we can help support multi-trunked or split trees.

Other Ways to Help You

Here at Modern Tree Surgery, our experience spans 50+ years. In addition, we have a certified arborist on staff. Our goal at all times is to keep our precious trees alive, in place and healthy. We can consult on a variety of problems after storms. When you are assessing damage, give us a call to help you speak with insurance companies. We’ll negotiate the best option for your tree, landscape and safety concerns.

Simply put, we care about trees and the people who own them. Our general consulting services are flexible to meet your needs. Call us today at 336-793-1185 to speak with a tree expert.