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What to Expect with Modern Tree Surgery

Protecting our clientele and ensuring their safety are our top priorities, responsibilities that we take very seriously. Our work ethic and safety standards are critical components of our procedures.

When you hire us for tree and stump removal services, you’re hiring 50 plus years of experience.  We understand the business inside and out, and can offer helpful insight that less-experienced services often miss.

When you entrust Modern Tree Surgery with your tree removal services, you’re gaining a partner who cares as much as you do about your arboreal surroundings!

What’s Involved in the Tree Removal Process?

We see every tree as an asset or a liability, and that’s where the process begins.  First, we assess the situation and conduct an initial inspection.  This includes surveying the area around the tree, as well as the tree itself.  (We do this to check for debris and other obstacles that might interfere with our work, as well as decay and deterioration of the tree.)

This process allows our team to find the lean of the tree, and come up with several plans of action that will best suit everyone’s needs.

That brings us to actually cutting down your tree.  The size will determine what sort of tools our team will need for the job.  Larger trees will require chainsaws and electrical tree cutters, while smaller trees can generally be handled with a handsaw.  Once we have determined which tools to use, our technician will make the initial cuts.  These are carefully and strategically placed to determine where the tree will fall, ensuring everyone’s safety.

This takes us to the final steps in our tree removal process.  Generally, your technician will cut large branches first, then work down the trunk.  This leaves you with a choice: what do you want to do with the stump?  Modern Tree Surgery can do one of two things:

  • Dig up the stump
  • Use chemicals for decomposition

The second option takes much less effort, but more time.  Our technician will discuss your options with you when the time comes.

Contacting Us

When it’s time to remove a pesky or dangerous tree from your yard, our professional team is here for you!  We have improved our tree removal process over the past 50 years, and guarantee that it will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today for a consultation and more information at:  336.998.5087

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