This time of year is the worst time to have dead trees in your yard. With winter less than a month away, snowstorms are right around the corner. Along with snow and ice comes the increased possibility of dead or live trees falling in your yard. Thus, if you’ve got a dead tree in your yard, don’t wait for winter weather to bring it crashing down. Rather, remove it now. Moreover, when you need tree removal Clemmons NC residents, call the local tree surgeon experts at Modern Tree Surgery. Providing the greater Winston-Salem area with professional tree service for the past 50 years, we’re ready to help you.

Tree Removal Clemmons NC – Remove That Dead Tree Now!

Sometimes, it’s difficult for you to remove your dead tree. Maybe your children grew up with the tree, even climbed and played in it, but now, it’s dead. We understand that trees can hold sentimental value. Hence, we’ll do everything in our power to first try to restore the tree to life. If it is impossible for us to save the tree, then it’s time to remove it before the weather does it for you. That method is much more hazardous!

When you decide to remove the tree, our experts will first pay you a visit to conduct our initial inspection. During this process, we will determine the lean of the tree and consider several other things:

  • The surrounding space of the dead tree and proximity to buildings and walkways
  • Whether the removal could potentially cause property damage
  • Any surrounding landscape elements
  • The removal’s environmental impact
  • Potential electrical hazards

All these factors influence our decision in the tree removal process. Additionally, the size of the tree also matters as large trees will require more work than smaller ones. Once we have fully assessed the situation, our team will then come up with several different courses of action. From there, we’ll run every possible available choice by you to see what’s best for you and your tree. Finally, after that step and with your approval, we begin the tree cutting process.

There Are Several Steps to Our Tree Service Process

Upon your approval of our proposed plan of action, our team will get right to work. As with the initial inspection, our removal process requires several steps. As mentioned above, the size of the tree plays a critical role. It determines the tools and equipment we use for the job. For large trees, we use chainsaws and electrical tree cutters. Meanwhile, smaller trees only require a handsaw. Our team will select the right tools for the job then make the initial cuts. Strategically placed, this tree cutting technique sets a clear path for the tree to fall, keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

After the completion of the first cuts, we’ll begin to dismantle the tree. We’ll start with larger branches, then work our way down to the trunk. When it comes to the tree’s trunk, we can do one of two things. First, we can simply dig up and remove the stump. Or, we can use chemicals to decompose it. While less effort on our part, the second option takes a lot more time. Therefore, when we reach that step, we’ll discuss everything in detail with you.

If Your Tree Is Hazardous, Call Our Experts Today!

Remember, if your tree is in danger of falling over, then your tree is hazardous. A hazardous tree can be detrimental to your home, car or landscape. Therefore, don’t wait, call our professional tree surgeons and let us provide our expertise. Request a free quote or reach us at 336 998-5087. To obtain professional tree removal Clemmons NC residents, act now. With our tree service, take out that dead tree before it takes out your property!