Soil Improvement Services

The Importance of Soil Improvement

Soil improvement is another service that we offer at Modern Tree surgery.  It involves changing the characteristics of the soil to improve the quality, which is a vital part of a tree’s health that is generally overlooked.

Soil is so much more than dirt, it is an ecosystem in which thousands of different organisms cohabitate.  Soil from an urban area is completely different from that of a forest.  That’s where soil improvement services come in.  Our staff can mix in the proper combination of nutrients and minerals to prolong the life of your tree.

Our Process

Like any of our other tree services, Modern Tree Surgery takes soil improvement very seriously.  Having been in the business for over 50 years, we understand what trees need to stay healthy, and we know that it all begins with the soil.  We offer many services to ensure the health of your soil, including:

  • Radial Trenching: radial trenching is a way to insert oxygen for a tree’s roots into poor-quality soil, making it much more suitable for the tree. In addition to adding oxygen to the soil, radial trenching also alleviates compaction.
  • Tree Fertilization: trees need nutrients to thrive, which is where fertilization comes in. When it comes to ornamental and shade trees, there is no more important maintenance.  Tree fertilization adds essential elements that a tree might be missing in certain areas.
  • Root Pruning: When roots become unruly or begin to destroy sidewalks and walkways, it may be necessary to prune them. It is best to have a professional team take care of this, as improper pruning can destroy the root system, which could cause irreparable damage.
  • Root Crown Excavation: this process removes excess soil that has built around the base of your tree. It is made to expose the root flare and/or buttress roots.  Sometimes excess soil occurs naturally, but most of the time it is due to human interference.  Root crown excavation can save you from the byproducts of uneducated landscapers like girdling roots, excessive moisture, and differential pressure exchange.

Contact Us about Soil Improvement

If your yard is in need of soil improvement services, Modern Tree Surgery is the place to call!  We have the equipment and know-how to tackle projects of any size, and our knowledgeable arborists understand the way that soil should interact with your trees and their root systems.

If you need help with soil improvement in Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, or Yadkin counties, contact us today at 336.998.5087.

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