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So, What IS Pruning?

Pruning is the process of removing dead, damaged, and diseased limbs from a tree to keep it growing properly and safely.  When working to preserve old trees, precise cut placement is altogether necessary and should only be performed by a professional arborist.  By taking care of these diseased limbs, pruning eliminates entryways for dangerous bacteria and fungi that can destroy a perfectly good tree.

When it is done properly, pruning is one of the most important and beneficial treatments for older trees.

What Pruning Is NOT

Many tree companies will try and pass other services, such as “tree topping”, “crown reduction”, “shaping”, and “rounding over,” as pruning, which can lead to incredible detriment of your beloved tree’s structure.

The results of these disservices can lead to the shortened lifespan of a tree, decay and diseases or worse; the death of your tree.

While some of these practices have been deemed “outdated,” there are still some severely shady solutions like “lion tailing” that can be truly damaging to the life and health of your trees.

Do not be fooled, even if they are seemingly outdated—tree topping and over-pruning are still some of the most abusive trends in modern landscaping and tree services.

Safety is Our Main Concern

Safety is another aspect of the tree surgery business that Modern Tree finds important.  Our mission is to maintain the health, function and appearance of the tree, all while making them safer for all people and property involved.

Our respect of the natural growth and characteristics of the tree ensure a job done well and safely, for everyone’s benefit.

Quality Pruning You Can Rely On

Professionalism is a quality that we value highly at Modern Tree Surgery, and our pruning services are no exception.  Our perceptive staff is trained to remove dead limbs and branches from trees, eliminating decay and encouraging new growth.

This is the basic principle behind pruning.  We aim to keep a “natural” appearance with our pruning services; keeping the growth pattern and sunlight requirements of every tree we maintain.

Contacting Modern Tree Surgery

If you want a team that has your best interests at heart, contact Modern Tree Surgery today.  Our team has been working for over 50 years in the industry, giving us some incredible wisdom and insight that many in the business simply do not have.

For pruning services and all other tree-related needs in Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, or Yadkin counties, call us at: 336.998.5087

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