Winter weather can exact a hefty toll on trees. High winds, heavy, frozen precipitation, and extended periods of dryness make trees vulnerable to falling. When trees have these issues, they can become dangerous for yourself and others. If this happens to you this winter, don’t worry. Modern Tree Surgery is the expert in tree removal Winston Salem NC and beyond. They can remove damaged trees and get your yard looking great again. Even better, they can analyze your trees to see which ones might be at risk and prepare against it.

Tree Removal Winston Salem NC

Being an expert in tree removal Winston Salem NC requires experience, expertise, and friendly service. Modern Tree Surgery offers all three and much more. Whether your tree is damaged, hazardous, or seemingly healthy, they can make sure you’re safe. They can cut down and remove any problematic branches to stop disaster before it happens.

If you own a home or a business, you need to be aware of the health of any trees on your property. You need a tree specialist who has the experience and knowledge to make sure you’re safe. That starts with examining every tree and determining whether it is an asset or a liability. As such, this is something only an expert can do.

Hazardous Tree Removal Service

With more than half a century of experience, Modern Tree Surgery knows how to provide comprehensive tree cutting service. Moreover, this extends to preventing danger before it strikes. Often, branches give signs that they will fall soon.

Modern Tree can survey your land and come up with a plan for hazardous tree removal. Furthermore, they can make sure healthy trees stay that way. Also, they safely and properly remove unhealthy trees. Of course, their first priority is saving trees. They attempt to keep trees healthy and safe, whenever possible. But, sometimes, disease or damage is so extensive that removal is the only solution. Finally, after they remove a tree, they can also help with stump removal. Depending on the stump, they can dig it up or use chemicals for decomposition.

Affordable Tree Care Services

Removing dead or dying branches doesn’t have to be an issue. Modern Tree Surgery strives to deliver a level of customer service that solves problems quickly and painlessly. Best of all, their service is fast and affordable. Today, give them a call at 336-344-9357 to get a customized estimate. They offer free quotes with no obligation.

Check out this five-star Google review from Sally:

“I just used Modern Tree service to remove some trees and trim some dead branches. This company was extremely professional, timely and reasonable. A landscaper recommended them to me and I’m so glad I found them! I would highly recommend them!”