Crane Services

Let’s face it, sometimes there are tree service projects that are simply too big to be handled with anything less than a crane.

Luckily, our professional team has the equipment to handle larger jobs!  Our experienced arborists will take the time to consult and determine the exact needs for any project.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

When there is a large tree that needs to be removed, there is no better way than by using a crane.  Not only is it a more modern route of tree removal, but it offers our team and homeowners alike many benefits, including:

  • Reduced procedure time
  • Decreased impact of surroundings
  • Lower cost
  • Safer removals
  • Unparalleled efficiency

In fact, we’d wager to say that cranes are one of the premier tools in our arsenal, second only to chainsaws and our trained staff.

An In-Depth Look at Our Process

It’s no secret that operating a crane takes a lot of skill and dedication, which means it’s not for everyone.  This is where our arborists come in.  Removing a tree with a crane is a delicate and intricate process that is half art and half science, and it is to be handled with extreme caution and care.

Here’s a step-by-step description of Modern Tree Surgery’s tree removal service via crane:

  • The first step: Our team will assess the area, and determine where the crane should be set up. They will consider elevation and grade changes, along with any other obstacles when finding a space to put the crane.
  • The second step: Once the crane is in a safe position, it must be set up and leveled. A crane must be perfectly leveled to ensure its stability during your project. Strange, but true, setting up the crane takes longer than uprooting the tree itself.
  • The third step: This is the strategy step. The crane operator and tree-climber will confer and decide on the best course of action for taking down your tree.  Each cut and each lift will be discussed in detail, and carefully executed to ensure safety and a job well done.
  • The fourth step: Taking out the tree. With our climber safely into position, he/she will signal the crane operator and get that tree out of there!  With their carefully constructed cut and lift system in place, each part of the tree will be removed and placed in what is called a “drop zone.”
  • The final steps: Once a piece has been placed in a designated “drop zone,” other members of the team will unhook the piece of lumber and dismantle it. This process will be repeated until the tree has been completely removed.

Contacting Us

If you are in need of crane-assisted tree removal services, Modern Tree Surgery is here to help!  Contact us today at 336.998.5087, if you require these services in Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, or Yadkin counties. Modern Tree Surgery is the team for you!

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