Trees are one of the greatest joys of land ownership, but they can be a headache as well. If your property includes trees, responsible, professionally executed tree care is a must. Where can you find the tree trimming Winston Salem NC home and business owners need?

Modern Tree Surgery is the Winston-Salem area’s go-to tree-trimming professionals. We’re proud to provide all the services you need to keep your trees and your home or business looking great.

Tree Maintenance Consulting

Trees are living things, and you need to maintain them accordingly – with long-term, sustainable, flexible planning. At the same time, when you need a hazardous tree taken care of, you need it done quickly. We offer a wide range of tree care consulting services including:

  • Long-term assessment of your tree and landscaping needs. We’ll help you make a plan for when that just-planted sapling is a big, beautiful tree.
  • Emergency consultations and storm damage clean-up. If a big storm just blew through and left your trees in precarious shape, Modern Tree can help.
  • Pest and disease control consultations. When the worst happens, or when you want to keep it from happening, we’re there to help.
  • Consultations with insurance companies on storm risk mitigation.

Careful, Thorough, Professional Pruning Services

Pruning is an indispensable part of responsible tree care. At Modern Tree, our approach is rooted in respect for your trees and your property:

  • Our pruning follows the natural shape and patterns of the tree to preserve and enhance its beauty. Lower-quality pruning techniques like “tree topping” and “crown reduction” can ruin your tree’s appearance and, worse yet, damage it.
  • Modern Tree’s trained professional arborists put safety first 100% of the time. That means our employees’ safety, your family’s safety, and your home’s safety are our priority.
  • 50 years of experience in the arborist business gives Modern Tree unmatched perspective and expertise.
  • If you need the whole tree taken down, we also offer tree and stump removal services.

Tree Trimming Winston Salem NC Relies On

Modern Tree Surgery has a 50-year history of excellence in providing tree trimming Winston Salem NC homeowners trust. We know trees, and we know customer service. We’re ready to put that expertise to work for your trees!

Start with a free quote; give us a call at 336-777-7081 or contact us through our website. Your trees will thank you!