Trees are an essential component to life on Earth. However, there are reasons why they sometimes require removal. Modern Tree Surgery uses only experienced technicians and quality equipment to get the job done. Therefore, if you are looking for a Winston Salem tree removal company – they should be your first call.

Why do I Need Tree Removal?

Dying trees – These are considered hazardous if they are a threat to your home and anyone walking in the area. In fact, they are unpredictable as to when they will fall or break apart.

Unwanted shade – Large or multiple trees in an area can easily provide too much shade. Thus, making it hard for your lawn and home to dry out when there is a lot of rain. Shade may also be unwanted when it is blocking pool areas. Also, they can block a beautiful view.

Clearing land – Are you building a home, office or some other structure on your property? Often, trees may be in the way on your building site. Consequently, those trees will need removal so that the building project can proceed.

Dislike tree type – Individuals may want trees removed due to aesthetic purposes. They may want a certain look around their home or office and that may require replacing existing trees. Some do not like Gum trees due to the spikey seed balls they drop on the ground seasonally. At times, it is due to safety reasons. Poplar trees tend to be lightning magnets and Pine trees break easily.

No matter what the reason for the tree removal, Modern Tree Surgery can handle the job. Their technicians handle all tree removal situations, regardless of size.

How do They Remove Trees?

The initial step to tree removal is an assessment of the situation. They need to determine the condition of the tree, study the surrounding area and most importantly establish the tree lean. The tree lean will determine in which direction the tree should fall.

Next, they will cut down the tree. The size of the tree determines what cutting tools they use. Typically, they start by cutting off the limbs and working their way down the trunk. Based upon their initial assessment, they will know exactly where to make the safest cuts.

The final step is for the client to decide on the disposition of the remaining stump. Modern Tree Surgery offers two choices. One, they can dig up the stump. Two, they can use chemicals that help it decompose.

For Winston Salem Tree Removal call Modern Tree Surgery

When you hire Modern Tree Surgery, you receive service by experts with over 50 years of combined experience. Moreover, safety for their clients and their property is their number one priority. They are proud of the work ethic they uphold, along with high safety standards.

With high standards and half a century of experience, you cannot go wrong choosing Modern Tree Surgery. Today, contact them for the best in Winston Salem tree removal services.