When a tree is dead or dying, it can become a hazard to your property and family. Here at Modern Tree Surgery, we specialize in tree service and care. Not only can we evaluate tree health, but we can also remove trees when necessary. Our Winston Salem tree removal experts can evaluate any tree on your property. By removing a dead or dying tree, you can improve the overall health and safety of your entire yard.

Signs that a Tree Needs Winston Salem Tree Removal Services and Support

Sometimes, a dead or dying tree is very noticeable. However, in other cases, the health of a tree may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye. A Modern Tree Surgery general consulting expert can help you determine if any trees on your property need to go. That said, here are a few signs that can help you spot an unhealthy tree:

  • The tree has no new growth, leaves, or buds.
  • If you bend branches, they snap instead of arching.
  • When you scratch back a small piece of bark, it is dry and brown underneath.
  • Something or someone severed the tree’s root system.
  • Pests are infesting the tree.

In some cases, trees may look dead or dying but actually be healthy. For example, in times of drought, a tree may sacrifice a branch. So, the branch may be dead but the core of the tree may still be alive. Our goal is never to remove healthy trees unless they are hazardous. If you suspect a tree may be dead or dying, give us a call. One of our tree service experts can do a full evaluation and walk you through the removal process if needed.

The Tree Removal Process

If a tree does require removal, we can help with our tree removal services at your property. Here at Modern Tree Surgery, we love trees! Therefore, we will make every attempt to remove the tree without disturbing other trees in the vicinity. This includes evaluating potential problems when the tree falls and ensuring we do not hurt other root systems.

First, our experts will devise a plan based on the lean of the tree, surrounding property, and other factors. We’ll review this plan with you before removal work begins. A crane may be necessary, based on the size of the tree. Crane-assisted tree removal usually reduces the time it takes to remove a very large tree. In addition, using a crane can make the tree service work safer and less expensive. So, we’ll recommend a crane if our trained staff members deem it to be the best option.

Once we cut down the tree, you have two options for the stump:

1. We can dig up the stump using our equipment.

2. You can opt for chemical decomposition of the stump.

Both options have pros and cons. In general, chemical decomposition takes less work and may be more cost-effective for you. However, it does take a significant amount of time for the decomposition to happen. Instead, you may want us to dig up the stump so you can immediately address the landscape in the area. Of course, some homeowners also opt to live with the stump in place. We can walk you through each option.

The total price for tree removal work depends on a variety of factors, including tree size, hazards, and more. However, we can give you a free estimate for your situation, so there are no hidden costs.

Hazardous Tree Removal

In addition to normal tree removal services, Modern Tree Surgery can help with hazardous or emergency tree removal. In this case, the tree needs quick removal to avoid property damage or address safety concerns. Here are a few situations in which we can help:

  • After a storm, a tree has fallen onto your house or other property.
  • The tree is in danger of falling on electrical lines.
  • You’re concerned that the tree makes your backyard unsafe.
  • A dead tree has partially fallen into other trees.

This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a few examples of the situations we can address. When in doubt, give us a call. If we can figure out a cost-effective and safe way to save your tree, we will. Our arborists focus on saving trees when at all possible. For example, tree cabling and bracing can often save a tree that would otherwise become hazardous. Our experts will help you determine the best course of action.

To learn more about our Winston Salem tree removal services, contact us today by clicking here or call 336-998-5087.