Snow, ice, freezing rain, extremely low temperatures; it has been a pretty brutal winter in the Winston-Salem area. If you have surveyed your yard recently, chances are good that the weather has done some damage. But even if things seem okay, you may want to look up. Trees often take the brunt of harsh weather, and yours may have serious damage. If you find you need tree services Winston Salem NC you can count on Modern Tree.

Our Tree Services Winston Salem NC


The removal of a tree – especially a very large one – is a major operation. Our first step in this process is to inspect the tree and survey the surrounding area. This lets us determine the best way to perform the removal. We will then plan which tools to use, which may include chainsaws or handsaws. For the cutting, we begin with the branches and work our way down the trunk. After the tree’s removal, we can either dig up the stump or use chemicals to decompose it. We take great care in ensuring that our tree removal service is as safe as possible for everyone. If you have a tree posing an imminent danger to your property, you can contact us for hazardous tree removal.

Crane services

For big removal jobs, we may need to bring in a crane. In addition to reducing the amount of time the work takes, this also cuts costs and improves safety. First, we start by assessing the area to find the safest spot for the crane. Then our experienced technicians set the crane up properly. Next, our crane operator and tree-climber decide the best and safest way to cut the tree. We then utilize a cut and lift system that removes each part of the tree and places it in a designated drop zone. Our team dismantles each piece, and we repeat the process until the tree is gone.


The best way to keep trees healthy and looking good is through regular pruning. This care is particularly beneficial for older trees. Our pruning services involve removing dead or diseased branches so the tree can continue to grow properly. Without periodic pruning, injured trees can be dangerous. For example, bacteria can spread if we don’t treat a diseased limb. Ultimately, this can kill a tree, which creates a hazardous situation. We will work to improve the appearance of your trees and make sure they are as healthy as possible.


Sometimes after major winter storms, damaged trees don’t need removal. Instead, cabling can save them. This is the process of installing cables and bracing rods in weakened branches. When placed in the right spots, they will redistribute structural stress and strengthen branches. The result is the reduced chance of splitting, which helps prevent property damage.

Soil Improvement

In order to have the healthiest trees possible, your soil has to be top quality. We offer a variety of services that can dramatically improve your soil. These include radial trenching, which inserts oxygen under a tree’s roots. We also provide root pruning, root crown excavation, and tree fertilization. Our arborists have over 50 years of combined experience, so we know exactly what it takes to keep trees healthy and thriving.


While some tree problems are obvious, others are subtle. If you suspect something is wrong with a tree, we will gladly come out and examine it. Through our consulting services, we can identify any trouble spots and offer our expert recommendations. We will then work with you to devise the best possible solutions.

Our focus is always to provide the best care for your trees. Removal is always the last resort. The Winston-Salem area has some beautiful old trees and preserving them for future generations is important to us. Get in touch with the premier tree services Winston Salem NC company for any concerns or questions. Call us at 336-998-5087 or send us a message through our online contact form for a free quote.