Your yard is the crowning touch to your house. You spend time mowing and tending to the flowers, shrubs, and trees. Therefore, when you notice a dead tree in your yard you want to act fast to remove it. Besides distracting from the beauty of your yard, a dead tree is also hazardous, especially if it’s near your house. Furthermore, with winter approaching, you don’t want to wait for the possibility of snow or ice bringing down your tree. For expert tree service Winston Salem NC residents rely on, get the professionals at Modern Tree Surgery. Safely removing trees in Winston-Salem for over 50 years, they’re ready to remove yours!

Need A Professional Tree Service Winston Salem NC Residents?

Family-owned, Modern Tree Surgery promises professionalism for every project. Safety is their number one concern. Also, they know that every project is different and will treat it as such. Thus, their dedicated experts specialize in many services and have the tools to provide a solution to every problem. Their services include tree removal, pruning, cabling, planting, transplanting, replacement, soil improvement, crane services, and 24/7 emergency services. Additionally, they can help with disease management and offer consultation for projects.

Get Rid of Your Dead Tree Today!

When it comes to removing dead trees, don’t wait, act before it’s too late. Waiting for the removal of dead trees can result in damage to your car or house. At Modern Tree Surgery, every dead tree is seen as an asset or a liability. Hence, the first step in their tree removal process is evaluating the situation and conducting an initial inspection. At Modern Tree, their first priority is saving the tree. Unfortunately, there are times when, due to disease or damage, there is no choice but to remove the tree. Once that decision is made, the next priority becomes the safe removal of the tree. First, an inspection includes surveying the tree and the surrounding area. This allows the team to determine the tree’s lean and size and establish a course of action. From there, the proper tools will be chosen and the first initial cuts made. After the initial cuts, large branches and the trunk will be removed and eventually, your tree will be safely demolished. Finally, you decide what happens to the stump. You have two options: dig up the stump or use chemicals for decomposition.

Sometimes, a tree is only partially dead. When this occurs, you don’t need the entire tree removed but only a few limbs. This process, known as pruning, removes diseased and damaged branches from the tree. As a result, the tree is able to recover and continue to grow in a healthy manner. However, pruning is a delicate process as precise cut placement is the key to a successful job. Henceforth, only a professional arborist should perform a pruning. A successful pruning can save even the oldest of trees, restoring them back to health. To get professional tree service Winston Salem NC residents, contact Modern Tree Surgery.