How many of us have memories involving a favorite tree from childhood? Or have an old, majestic tree we’re particularly proud of on our front lawn? Trees are a source of joy and beauty in many of our lives. However, to keep them healthy and keep your property safe, you’ll sometimes need professional tree surgery services. That’s where a qualified tree service Winston Salem NC comes in — Modern Tree Surgery of Winston-Salem.

Why are tree surgery and removal services sometimes necessary? What are the services that Modern Tree Surgery provides to keep your trees safe and healthy? And what factors affect their cost? We’ll look at some of the key points.

When Tree Surgery Services are Necessary

Homeowners often wonder what the appropriate circumstances for calling a tree service are. Times when you should call include:

  • Trees on your property have obvious dead limbs or are in need of pruning
  • You’re planning on adding new trees and want expert advice on where they’ll be healthiest and safest
  • You have dead trees to remove
  • A large tree is close enough to your house that you’re worried about potential limb danger
  • Tree limbs have damaged your home or property during a storm

You might have a desire to fire up the chainsaw and try to wrangle a troublesome tree yourself. However, safety concerns make this a bad idea. Trees, particularly dead ones, can be unpredictable in the way they fall. You’ll risk damage to your property or personal injury. It’s best left to a professional.

What a Tree Service Winston Salem NC Can Do for Your Trees

Modern Tree Surgery of Winston-Salem provides a full range of tree services by certified arborists. That means we’re equipped to give your trees and your property the 360º care they deserve. Our complete array of services includes:

  • Pruning and Trimming Services: We’ll remove dead and damaged limbs from your tree. This is important not just for your property’s safety, but for your tree’s. Dead limbs present a perfect opportunity for fungi and insects to attack the inside of your tree.
  • Removing Trees: Our first choice is always to try to save a tree through expert pruning and surgery. However, hazardous tree removal services may be necessary for trees that are in imminent danger of collapse. Our expert arborists have years of experience in felling trees quickly and, most importantly, safely.
  • Cabling: This is one option we use to support and maintain trees that have suffered damage. We install a series of cables and rods in and around the tree to help reduce its load.
  • Crane Services: For removal jobs involving very large trees, crane-assisted removal is the way to go. Our experts will use a five-step process to safely remove the tree using a heavy-duty crane.
  • General Consulting and Soil Improvement: Modern Tree is committed to providing everything you need for healthy, beautiful trees. That includes improving your soil through services like root pruning and radial trenching to help trees grow strong. We also offer consulting services on all matters of tree maintenance and safety.

Factors Affecting Tree Service Cost

Every situation is different, so we can’t give a quote without having seen your particular job. However, here are some questions to consider that will affect how much you can expect to pay:

  • What type of tree is it? (Tree cutting is more difficult on hardwoods like oak and thus can be more expensive.)
  • How big is the tree that requires removal, or the limbs that need pruning?
  • Regarding the tree that is ready for removal, has it already fallen, or does it require cutting down?
  • Will you want us to haul the tree away and how do you want us to remove the stump?

Not sure if a tree is presenting a hazard to your home or business? Need a quote on a tree removal? Today, call 336-998-5087 to schedule a free tree service Winston Salem NC consultation with Modern Tree!