With fall on the way, now is a good time to start preparing your home and property for colder weather. While you may have the grass and leaves taken care of, there other things that require your focus. In fact, chances are good that your trees could use some care. A quality tree service Lexington NC company can make sure they get the attention they need. Modern Tree has been serving the Lexington community for more than 50 years.

What We Offer

When it comes to trees, we offer a full line of services. These include:


For the most part, trees do a good job of taking care of themselves. However, sometimes they need a little help. For trees to stay as healthy as possible, regular pruning is important, as this removes dead branches. Moreover, this is a great way to get rid of possible dangers, such as diseased limbs and breaking branches. And, at the same time you are improving the appearance of the tree. Also, this is a job for professionals. Pruning without knowledge of the proper techniques can cause permanent damage to the tree.


One of the biggest hazards that your home faces is the possibility of falling trees. Even a tree that is not very big or tall can cause extensive damage if it were to fall on a house or car. With inclement fall and winter weather on the way, it is a good idea to think about removing hazardous trees. If need be, we also provide crane services for very large trees.


In some cases, trees may not need removal. Our tree service Lexington NC company offers cabling. Through this process, we install cables and rods into a tree in order to redistribute weight. This prevents trunks and branches from splitting, and creates a safer tree. Our goal is always to save the tree!

Soil Improvement

If your trees do not seem to be growing well, the soil could be the problem. Thankfully, we can do something about that with our soil improvement services. This could include fertilization, radial trenching, and even root crown excavation.

Trust the Expert Tree Service Lexington NC Company

At Modern Tree, we know everything there is to know about trees. We can help make your trees the stars of your landscaping. For a free quote, call us at 336-777-4737 or send us a message through our online contact form.