If you have tree-related landscape concerns, such as overgrowth or storm damage, Modern Tree Surgery can help. We’ve been providing tree service Clemmons NC homeowners trust for over 50 years. When you hire Modern Tree Surgery, you’re hiring the best!

Why Our Tree Service is Superior

Here at Modern Tree Surgery, we provide a number of tree-related services, including:

We can also provide general tree consulting services if you need professional advice. In addition, we have crane services available for large trees. So, no matter how big or small your project may be, we can help.

What makes Modern Tree Surgery different? Simply put, we love trees. Unlike many other companies, trees are not just a job to us. This is our passion. We provide the best tree service in the Clemmons area because we care about every tree as if it were our own. Your trees are our main focus.

In addition, Modern Tree Surgery team members are experienced and trained in proper tree care techniques. This isn’t the case with many other companies. In fact, many tree services don’t even have an arborist on staff! Our experienced arborists are concerned first and foremost with saving trees. We will recommend removal only when we can’t save the tree it is a danger to people or buildings. For example, did you know that improper pruning such as topping can actually irreversibly damage your tree? We prune the right way, to promote growth and health, while keeping your property safe.

Frankly, no company stays in business for over five decades without providing quality service. We take pride in every project. Modern Tree Surgery is the tree service Clemmons NC residents love.

Tree Service Clemmons NC Customers Need the Most Help with These Problems

Here in North Carolina, trees need the most help when they are close to structures or areas where people are nearby. All too often, people ignore trees needing work until they become major problems. Unfortunately, trees can even become safety hazards. Here are a few reasons why you should consider regular tree service:

  • Overgrown trees can cause property damage as they sway in the wind. Yes, even large trees sway, especially during major storms.
  • Dead or dying trees can more easily fall during even a small storm, injuring people and property.
  • Horizontally-growing roots can cause damage to your foundation and plumbing. This is one of the signs removal work is necessary, even if the tree is otherwise healthy.
  • Trees growing close together could end up damaging one another or both dying.
  • Diseased trees are often home to pests such as burrowing insects that you do not want near your home.

Of course, overgrown or dead trees also look unsightly. Your homeowners’ association may have rules about keeping your trees trimmed. If you don’t follow these rules, you could face fines.

Additionally, if you know a tree is problematic but do nothing, insurance might not cover you. Every situation is different when it comes to dealing with insurance companies for tree damage. Here at Modern Tree Surgery, we “speak insurance.” We’re happy to work with your insurance company on your behalf. After a storm, we can assess any damage and have them process your claim quickly. However, if you keep your trees in great shape through regular tree service, the process is easier. In fact, if your tree branches are healthy and pruned, you may escape damage in the first place.

How Much Does Tree Service Cost in Clemmons?

The cost of tree service depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Exact services you are requesting
  • The number of trees on your property, as well as their sizes
  • Problematic branches and trunks
  • Special equipment needed to handle your trees
  • The current health of your trees

We want you to know the costs upfront. So, we have a free tree service request process. Fill out this form to learn more and get a quote for your tree project. We are happy to provide a quote for all tree-related work or projects, big and small. Or, give us a call today at 336-998-5087 to speak with a professional about your tree service needs.