When it comes to landscaping, many people overlook their trees. While the majority of homeowners focus on their lawn, gardens, and shrubs, trees usually do not get much attention. But trees are a crucial part of a landscape and they require regular maintenance. This is why you should look into tree services Winston Salem NC if your trees need some work. You can count on Modern Tree for any service you need.

Modern Tree Surgery provides the best tree services Winston Salem NC could imagine

Modern Tree has been providing exceptional tree services Winston Salem NC for more than 50 years. Our team of experts offers customized care and attention to each of our clients. We specialize in a number of areas, including:

Tree removal

Removing a tree is an extensive process. The first thing we will do is perform an inspection, which includes surveying the entire area. This will allow us to create the best plan. Then we will determine the type of equipment we will need. Finally, we will make the first cuts in order to ensure the tress falls in the safest possible manner. We do not begin the job until we have a complete plan for the safest removal method. Preventing damage to property, buildings and people is always our priority. Afterwards, we will talk to you about how you want to deal with the remaining stump.

Tree pruning

In order for a tree to maintain its good health, pruning is essential. Pruning removes dead or damaged branches. Not only will this improve a tree’s longevity and appearance, it will eliminate possible hazards. At Modern Tree, we are highly familiar with all types of trees and will make sure your trees get the right pruning. Don’t let someone who is not an arborist attempt to prune your trees. They may damage the tree in ways that will impact future growth and appearance. The pruning method, if done properly by an arborist, will eliminate areas that enable fungi and bacteria to seriously damage the tree.

Removal and pruning are just two services Modern Tree offers. We also provide planting and replacement, disease management, and soil improvement. Whatever tree services Winston Salem NC you need, we can supply them. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.